High Altitudes, Low Multitudes
Wyoming is a place of truly
majestic, natural beauty and an ideal place for those with a great sense of adventure and love of the great outdoors. Whether in the form of a thrilling mountain climb or attending a live Western rodeo, there’s a wide variety of things to do and attractions for all types who visit.

Wyoming is expansive, ranking ninth among the States in square miles, and takes the position of the least populated state in the US with fewer than 600,000 people at last census.

Proud home to an impressive list of 25 National Historic Landmarks, including Grand Teton National Park and the world’s first National Park, Yellowstone – home to the famous geyser Old Faithful. Jackson Hole is a favorite ski resort for cowboys and skiers alike during winter and a summer play land for kids and families of all ages, including white water rafting down the Snake River and breathtaking rides in the surrounding mountains.

Wyoming also has several rivers that begin or flow through the state, including the Yellowstone, Bighorn and Snake Rivers.

The climate is generally dry in Wyoming, where most of the area receives less than ten inches of rainfall annually, however the mountain areas can see up to 20 inches or more of snow, greater temperature extremes,

As a word of caution, the southeastern corner of the state is an area that is vulnerable to tornado activity. Tornadoes, where they occur, tend to be small and brief, but certainly for the motorcycle enthusiast, it is something to be aware of and plan accordingly for safe travels in the area.

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