Law Tigers Success Stories from Motorcycle Collision Victims

Together, the Law Tigers association of motorcycle accident lawyers have helped countless motorcycle collision victims throughout the United States navigate the uncertainties of the legal system. When a motorcycle collision occurs, the Law Tigers motorcycle accident lawyers do everything in their power to ensure that each client receives just compensation for the financial difficulties and pain and suffering caused by the accident. Our experienced lawyers have the motorcycle collision expertise necessary to manage even the most complex motorcycle accidents.

Success Stories About Law Tigers Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

“The Law Tigers represented my passenger and me following my motorcycle accident. We were new to the community and didn’t know any medical providers. The Law Tigers got us medical treatment, got all of our medical bills paid and still got us a great settlement for our pain and suffering.” — Brian Zajicek

“I am overjoyed with the results of my settlement. In my wildest imagination, I never expected to receive such a generous settlement. I would recommend the Law Tigers to any biker that has been injured by another driver. My attorney treated me with respect and kept me apprised of my case throughout.” — Julie Maseda

“The worst day of my life. Another driver lost control of his car and forced us off the road. I was uninjured, but my wife was not so lucky and our motorcycle was damaged. My wife was airlifted to a hospital 75 miles away, and I had to follow on the ground, not knowing the severity of her injuries. She had a concussion and some broken ribs. She is fine now, but went through several months of pain. This may sound like a cut and dry case, but the other driver was not cited because they did not actually spin into us. We felt we needed legal representation and had heard that the Law Tigers specialized in motorcycle cases. They were excellent. I would recommend them to anyone, especially fellow bikers. Even though I can never erase the memories of that day, the settlement they got for us makes me feel that justice was served and we were well-compensated for our losses.” — Paul Voss

“The day I got hurt on my motorcycle, the Law Tigers went to the hospital to see me. The Law Tigers got me the maximum I could get from the other guy who had inadequate insurance. Thy also got me an additional settlement from my own insurance company. I was so satisfied with the Law Tigers that I’ve referred other clients to them.” — Jammy Glendenning

“When I got into a motorcycle accident last summer, I called the Law Tigers. Although I was injured in the accident, I didn’t have any medical insurance. The Law Tigers not only got me money for my bike, they got a doctor to treat me who waited until the end of my case to be paid. I got the medical treatment I needed and got paid for my pain and suffering. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Law Tigers to any of my friends.” — Thomas Hogan

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*Every case is different. The testimonials portrayed are dependent on the facts of each case, and the results will differ, based on these different facts.  The referenced testimonials are not from Florida. In Florida, Law Tigers is a free lawyer referral service for which the lawyer pays a fee.