New Mexico
One of the ‘younger’ states in the U.S., New Mexico was the 47th state to join the Union, prior to that it was part of independent Mexico. Santa Fe is the capital and a well known city to tourists, but Albuquerque is actually the largest city in the state.

Interestingly, over 50% of the population was born in New Mexico. The major Native American nations are the Navajo, Pueblo and Apache people, who have a strong influence on the flavor and culture of the area. A large artistic community thrives in Santa Fe and throughout the region you will find all types of festivals for outdoor enjoyment.

The climate is dry and extreme weather conditions are rare, which is certainly very good news for the motorcycle enthusiast who wants to get out on the New Mexico roads and take it all in. Since there are on average 278 sunny days per year in New Mexico, the odds are in your favor for clear and comfortable travels. The territory is covered by mountains ranges, plains and yes, some desert regions as well. It is nearly impossible to travel around the state without a view of some mountains in the distance.

Motorcycle accidents happen, despite increased awareness and safety measures being enforced. Law Tigers is a national network of motorcycle accident lawyers committed to helping motorcyclists across the nation. f you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in New Mexico, call a Law Tigers attorney for assistance regarding your case. When you hire a New Mexico Law Tigers attorney, you will be represented by a professional who understands your unique needs as a motorcycle rider, and ensures that you are fairly compensated for your injuries and damages to your motorcycle.

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The motorcycle accident lawyers at Levenbaum Trachtenberg represent injured motorcyclists throughout the state and region. Our experienced network of motorcycle accident lawyers represents hundreds of motorcycle accident victims every year and obtains the compensation they deserve for what can be devastating motorcycle injuries. If you are a motorcyclist injured as a result of someone else’s negligent or reckless driving, Levenbaum Trachtenberg can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Our New Mexico Law Tigers law firm can help you make a claim or file a motorcycle accident lawsuit. You may be eligible to receive monetary compensation for your medical bills, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, diminished earning capacity, and any damage to your bike. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact the New Mexico motorcycle accident attorneys at Levenbaum Trachtenberg. They understand New Mexico riders and New Mexico motorcycle laws, and they have the experience to help you maximize the value of your motorcycle accident claim.

Having helped thousands of motorcycle accident victims with their claims and lawsuits, the lawyers at Levenbaum Trachtenberg are ready to put their experience to work for you. The New Mexico team is headed up by Justin Henry, a New Mexico attorney. All attorneys and many staff members of Levenbaum Trachtenberg are avid motorcyclists.

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If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident as the result of another driver’s careless or reckless actions, contact Justin Henry at 1-800-LawTigers (529-8443). Our motorcycle accident attorneys are ready and able to file a motorcycle injury claim or lawsuit on your behalf. Contact Levenbaum Trachtenberg to schedule a consultation.

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