Nebraska offers rich landscapes of winding roadways and charming local culture and attractions, making for a great getaway for motorcycle enthusiasts.

The state capital is Lincoln, and the largest city is Omaha.

Follow in the footsteps of the great Lewis and Clark Expedition, and explore the scenic and historic trails throughout the state. Take advantage of the many options for hunting, fishing, boating and wildlife viewing in the area’s 12 State parks. A visit to Chimney Rock, the most recognized landmark along the Oregon Trail, is a definite must see when in the area.

Take a spin to historic Red Cloud, located in southern Nebraska and home to a whopping population or 978 folks. Visit the historic home of famed pioneer author Willa Cather or stop in the old hardware store for a chat with the locals. It’s a wonderful visit away from the bustle of city life. And a great sightseeing day trip.

Nebraska sees a wide variation in temperature and precipitation, with hot summers and generally cold winters. Because Nebraska lies in Tornado Alley, sudden, violent thunderstorms and tornadoes are a common occurrence during the spring and summer months. Certainly, for safety and enjoyment, this is something every motorcycle enthusiast will want to consider and prepare for when visiting the area during these months.

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