Motorcycle Accident Claims Investigations

To achieve a successful result for the motorcyclist, it is important to have all of the facts about the accident. Motorcycle accident investigations and motorcycle reconstructions can reveal details about an incident that may be important for insurance claims and litigation. A Law Tigers motorcycle accident attorney will determine the potential benefit of an investigation and when necessary, hire an expert to conduct a thorough investigation and reconstruction of the accident.

Importance of Motorcycle Accident Investigations

Unfortunately, there is often a mistaken belief among many in the public that most motorcycle accidents are caused by motorcyclists. For this reason, motorcycle accident investigations can be critical in challenging this misconception during the claims process or in court. A motorcycle accident investigation can accurately establish the sequence of events that led to the accident in order to support the validity of the motorcycle accident claim.

It is important to understand that while motorcycle accident investigations can substantiate victims’ claims, they can also refute these claims. Therefore, it is essential for victims to discuss the details of their motorcycle accident claim with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney who can advise them on the best possible course of action.

Conducting Motorcycle Accident Investigations

The motorcycle accident victim is perhaps the most important source of information about the circumstances of an accident. For this reason, all motorcyclists should know the appropriate steps to take at an accident scene. Following an accident, and after ensuring that all individuals involved in the accident are safe and receive the necessary medical care, including the rider and passenger, the motorcyclists should collect as much information as possible. The information can prove invaluable in assisting an accident investigation and reconstruction team in recreating the most accurate account of the accident. Notes, photos, sketches, and witness accounts can all be crucial elements in the investigation and reconstruction, and can provide the most solid factual foundations upon which motorcycle accident claims can be proven.

Consult a Law Tigers Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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