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Ellyn brings a unique, personal perspective to every injury case she handles. Before she decided to become a lawyer, Ellyn was in a serious car accident, during which she sustained permanent injuries when she was rear-ended by a drunk driver. After undergoing a three-level lumbar fusion surgery and a painful, protracted recovery thereafter, Ellyn regained her quality of life and began the process of learning to live with her new limitations.

Since this incident, Ellyn has earned her Juris Doctorate and dedicated her legal career to serving people who have been injured by drunk drivers and others who behave recklessly. She has also been an active participant with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and served the mission of the organization by working as a volunteer victim advocate. Needless to say, Ellyn understands what drunk driving can do to injured people and their loved ones, as well as the myriad personal, emotional, physical, and financial damages it can cause. She has used her unique perspective to help many clients achieve fair compensation after being injured by a negligent person or entity.


Steven McCarney

Steven McCarney is a personal injury attorney at the Lowe Law Group. He became a lawyer after learning about the amount of strategy, research, and hard work that goes into providing effective legal representation, and he chose personal injury law in order to channel his tenacity and skill into advocating for injured people. He is inspired to work hard and put his best foot forward when representing injured clients, and he is always ready to handle even the most challenging, demanding, and complex cases.


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