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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the common questions asked. Please consult with our Law Tigers’ Member Attorney for full answers and details.

  • Do you have to wear a helmet in Alabama?

    Yes, in Alabama all riders and passengers are required to wear a helmet.

  • Do you have to wear eyewear protection in Alabama?

    Eye protection is not required in Alabama, but is still considered a riding best practice.

  • Are there motorcycle noise restrictions laws in Alabama?

    There are no motorcycle noise restrictions laws in Alabama.

  • Are there restrictions on the age of the passenger in Alabama?

    There are no restrictions on the age of the passenger in Alabama.

  • Is the daytime use of headlights required by law in Alabama?

    Alabama requires the use of daytime headlights but permits the use of a “modulating headlight” that changes between full power, low beam, and a dimming effect.

  • Is lane splitting allowed in Alabama?

    No, lane splitting is illegal in Alabama.

  • Are you allowed to wear headphones while riding in Alabama?

    No, wearing headphones while driving your motorcycle is illegal in Alabama.

  • Are there any requirements for carrying passengers in Alabama?

    Alabama requires the bike to have footrests for the passenger.

  • Are there any motorcycle spec requirements in Alabama?

    In Alabama, handlebars can be no more than 15 inches in height above the seat.

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With the Law Tigers, you never ride alone.  Our experienced and aggressive, motorcycle accident lawyers have helped 1000s of injured riders secure hundreds of millions of dollars.  Law Tigers Attorneys* represent clients throughout the country on a contingency fee basis, which means they do not charge any upfront fees and only require payment if they recover compensation on your behalf. Fees are calculated as a percentage of the gross recovery.

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  • Our attorneys* have successfully secured hundreds of millions of dollars for their clients
  • Our experienced, aggressive motorcycle attorneys have helped thousands of injured riders
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