When you think of Illinois, it’s likely that Chicago is the first place that comes to mind. Although Chicago is the largest city in the state and the third most populated city in the U.S., Illinois certainly has a lot more going for it than just one city. The state is actually filled with farmland, forests, rolling hills and wetlands.

The climate in Illinois varies widely throughout the year. Summers are hot and humid, and winters are cold with plenty of snowfall and other wintry precipitation. After all, they don’t call Chicago the Windy City for nothing.

Sports fans have plenty to enjoy in Illinois with two Major League baseball teams, plus NBA, NFL, NHL teams and a long list of many noteworthy Minor League teams.

Illinois has an extensive interstate highway system, so for those traveling the state by motorcycle, there are plenty of options to navigate your way North, South, East and West and anywhere in between. From the stunning Chicago skyline and the magnificent views along Lake Shore Drive, to the lesser traveled parts heading further south, there’s so much to do and explore. Illinois’s calendar of events is chock full nearly every month of the year with festivals, shows and events, so almost any time is a good time to make the trip and take advantage of all that Illinois has to offer.

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