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You certainly don’t have to be retired to ride bikes in Florida.
The year-round warm weather and over 1,100 miles of beautiful beachscapes are huge perks for winter riders, especially. Plus, if you’re also into fishing (or speedboats), it’s the best intersection of watersport and roadsport the United States has to offer.

Maybe you’re riding the Ozello Trail, or the Casey Key route along the beach. Either way, Florida’s roads are straight and level. But that doesn’t protect against smog, or vehicles driven by other tourists and residents. If you get hit riding in the Sunshine State, we’ll have your back.

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Matt Powell

Matt Powell is not only a board certified civil trial lawyer who has protected injured victims and their families for over 27 years, he and his team are also riders. As a board certified civil trial lawyer who has been representing clients in cases involving motorcycle crashes, catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, brain injuries and more, he will apply aggressive representation and his many years of experience to your case. Matt Powell is ready to put his experience and skill in the courtroom to work for you.


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