Law Tigers Female Influencer Contest Has Ended – Thank You For Your Submissions!

Law Tigers is looking for a female influencer to be a Social Ambassador for our brand.

Rules for Entry

  1. Entrant must first fill out the below entry form and then submit a 2-minute riding related video on their own Facebook page and tag Law Tigers in the post. Additionally, the entrant must post a photo of themselves promoting Law Tigers on their Instagram account and use the tag #LawTigers.
  2. The winner of the contest for Law Tigers new female influencer will receive a $10,000 annual contract with Law Tigers.
  3. Winner must engage with the Law Tigers brand and post twice a week, one post to be a short video and one post to be a photo, featuring the relationship with Law Tigers, and including the Law Tigers Logo. Β Must post on Facebook & Instagram, along with other platforms the winner has a following on (e.g. Twitter, Snapchat).
  4. Winner must have prominent placement of the Law Tigers logo on the bike and/or helmet.
  5. Winner will be required to attend 4 large events per year which Law Tigers sponsors. A calendar of prospective events will be submitted to the winner and they must specify which events they will attend. Fuel and lodging will be provided by Law Tigers, all additional expenses will be covered by the Winner.
  6. The $10,000 annual contract will be paid bi-monthly and invoices must be submitted to Law Tigers in order to receive the contract bi-monthly payment.
  7. The winner will be a social ambassador for Law Tigers and MUST avoid any suggestion of promoting drinking and driving. Additionally the winner MUST refrain from promoting political, religious, illegal or motorcycle club affiliation on their personal social platforms.
  8. Winner will disclose the number of followers on their social platforms and be held accountable for the growth of their followers and the engagement rate of their social posts.
  9. Contest end date will be 1/15/18. Winner will be selected by 1/31/18.