Rocky Mountain State
Colorado is noted for it’s diverse geography – including alpine mountains, plains and deserts with huge sand dunes, deep canyons, sandstone and granite rock formations, rivers, lakes, and lush forests. A little less than one half of the area of Colorado is flat and rolling land. Colorado’s one of four states that shares a common geographic point, together with Arizona, New Mexico and Utah, known as The Four Corners – at this intersection, you can actually stand in four states at once! Colorado is also home to four national parks, eight national monuments, and dozens of other stunning scenic, historic and recreational areas throughout the state.

Colorado takes up ranking as the eighth largest state in the U.S. and with a population just over 5.5 million, ranks 22nd in population.

Extreme weather changes are common here, although the majority of extreme weather occurs in the least populated areas of the state. The Eastern Plains have had some of the biggest hail storms in North America. But there is certainly plenty of beautiful sunshine and pleasant weather to take advantage of. Colorado has an abundance of outdoor music, art and other cultural festivals, awesome hiking, fishing and boating along the rivers, and some of the best skiing around in Vail and Aspen. Colorado’s summer calendar boasts dozens of benefit and charity rides and events for the motorcycle enthusiasts to enjoy while in the area.

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law tigers motorcycle lawyersIf you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Colorado, contact the Law Tigers team for a free consultation regarding your case. Law Tigers is a national network of motorcycle accident lawyers committed to helping motorcyclists across the nation. When you hire a Law Tigers attorney, you are represented by a lawyer who understands your unique needs as a motorcyclist. The Colorado Law Tigers attorneys will work to ensure that you are appropriately and fairly compensated for your injuries and any damages to your motorcycle.

The Metier Law Firm, LLC, represents motorcycle accident injury victims. Boasting an experienced team of motorcycle accident lawyers, The Metier Law Firm handles motorcycle accident claims efficiently and effectively. In cases where the determination of liability is at issue, its motorcycle lawyers enlist the services of accident investigators and reconstructionists. If you are a Colorado motorcycle accident victim seeking legal representation from an experienced Law Tigers lawyer, contact The Metier Law Firm to schedule a consultation.

The Metier Law Firm is led by managing partner Tom Metier. Recognized as a Colorado Super Lawyer in 2005, Tom Metier has aggressively served motorcycle accident victims since earning his admission to the Colorado bar in 1981. Motorcycle accident lawyer Tom Metier has successfully represented many motorcycle accident victims. He is a member of the American Association for Justice, the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association, the American Association of Motorcycle Injury Lawyers, and Coloradoans for Civil Justice.

The Metier Law Firm’s motorcycle accident lawyer team has developed long-term working relationships with an array of motorcycle accident experts — including doctors, motorcycle accident investigators, and reconstructionists — who can provide valuable motorcycle lawsuit assistance.

Remember, don’t rely on insurance companies to treat you fairly. Take control of your motorcycle accident to ensure that you receive the justice you deserve. With an expert motorcycle accident lawyer handling your lawsuit, you stand a much better chance of being fairly compensated for your injuries. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, obtain professional legal assistance.

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