My “aha!” moment about motorcycle safety

by Jackie Eldridge Motorcycle Safety and Awareness month is wrapping up. By now, if you’re like me, I am tired of reading the same five or ten safety tips from a myriad of sources. Don’t get me wrong; the safety messaging and its vast promotion across the country are a large part of what we [&he...
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3 freebies every rider needs

by Rachel Fagerburg It doesn’t get any better than than having a motorcycle accident attorney who only handles motorcycle cases, and rides, too. Riding and only handling motorcycle cases gives Law Tigers the advantage in litigation and in the court room.  We understand the nuances of motorcyc...
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Share the road – May is national motorcycle safety and awareness month!

by Rachel Fagerburg May is National Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month, and cities  across the country are pitching in to educate both riders and drivers about motorcycle safety and awareness. This month we are committed to spreading even more awareness and reminding everyone on the road of th...
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Motorcycle Safety: Pre-Ride T Clock Inspection

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation created this mnemonic device to guide a motorcyclist’s pre-ride safety check. We thought it was worth sharing with you. T Clock Tires & Wheels: Check tire pressure and treads. Make sure spokes are tight and intact and that brakes have a firm feel. Controls: Che...
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Adam Sandoval’s Kickstands Up series is a rider’s must-see!

We can’t thank Adam Sandoval enough for his kind words about Law Tigers in this episode! We, too, are glad he had the Law Tigers app when he crashed; he’s not certain he’d be here to talk about it he hadn’t had the app! Check it out—it’s free. Every rider needs a ...
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Riding for the Long Haul planned for March 5

Motorcyclists are dying on Arizona roadways and that number is increasing, giving the State of Arizona the challenge to help reduce motorcycle crashes and fatalities. Experts say enough is enough. As a result, on Sunday, March 5, 2017, the third annual “Riding for the Long Haul” event will be he...
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