Update from our partner, racer Cory Texter

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It’s been a very busy 2017 thus far. Usually, the wintertime is sort of slow for me when it comes to racing motorcycles, but not this year.

On January 2, I went to Florida for ten days to ride some motocross and train in the warmer weather. It was a good trip and I got in some hard training to make sure my fitness levels stay where they need to be as we head into this season.

Update on Corey Texter touring

I came home and the very next day I was doing some promotional stuff and TV interviews for the first round of the ICE World Championship indoor race at the Santander Arena in Reading, Pennsylvania. I have never competed in the ICE series, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. There is no practice at these events, so it’s very difficult for a non-regular in the series to come in and compete with the top guys the first time. I had to learn fast. I wasn’t sure how to set up my bike for this kind of event, so I struggled a little bit at first. I crashed leading my heat race, so I guess to say I was struggling is an understatement. However, I remained confident and I keep my focus where it needed to be. I grabbed the last transfer spot to the main in the LCQ and lined up on the third row in the main event. I put my head down and worked my way up to third place by the end of the 8-lap main event. To finish on the podium at my first ever ICE race on borrowed tires was pretty cool, especially because I was struggling so bad all afternoon.
This past weekend, I went out to Des Moines to compete at the Battle at the Barn at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. It was a little concrete indoor, similar to the one I competed at in December, but they put coke syrup on the surface. I haven’t raced on coke syrup in probably 15 years, so I again had to adapt and learn quickly. I ended up winning every race I competed in all weekend on a couple of different motorcycles. I learned a lot about bike set up on the coke syrup that will help me when I compete at the Charlotte Kainz Memorial indoor race in Milwaukee, WI next month. The arena was packed and I met a lot of new fans who were thankful I made the trip. I signed two pairs of goggles to a couple of kids who came up to me multiple times throughout the weekend and thanked me for coming to race the event. The excitement on their faces was more satisfying than taking home the money for winning all my main events.
In other news, I just recently purchased a new hauler to travel to the races in this season. No more borrowing my sister’s van! It’s a 38′ Diesel Fun Mover with multiple slide outs and a lift gate. I am getting it wrapped the end of this week. I emptied the savings account once again, but I strongly believe in myself and consider it an investment rather than an expense. This new hauler will maximize exposure for my sponsors and give me a lot more comfort on race day. It will also allow me to pack some spare parts that I didn’t have room for in the van last year. I calculated that I will be driving around 45,500 miles this season across the country to different races. I attached a master schedule of the races I plan to attend this year. Some more will be added as more schedules come out for the season.
It’s been a grind this off-season putting together all the pieces to continue chasing my dream, but I am confident it will be worth it. Thanks again for all the support. Stay tuned to my social media accounts for more daily updates and photos.