Top-Rated Accessories for Your Motorcycle

Motorcycle Accessories

Are you considering accessorizing your motorcycle with a GPS, an audio system, a video camera, or perhaps just your cell phone?

The best accessories for your motorcycle

Selecting the accessory that is just right for you and your motorcycle can be very confusing and time-consuming. Because of this, we have created this article to help you sift through all the various devices out there to help you select which product(s) are just right for you.

1. Multi-Tool Kit with LED Light


You never know when something may go wrong with your motorcycle, because of this it’s always a good idea to carry along some basic tools and a flashlight.

The BikeMaster Multi-Tool Kit includes a can opener, bottle opener, straight and Phillips head screwdriver, 4 mm square driver, saw, a sharp and smooth awl, ruler, 3” blade, and an L.E.D. light, all of which fits right into the palm of your hand.

2. Navigation System


Using Google Maps on your phone for your GPS turn by turn directions while riding has its advantages, the biggest being that it’s free. However, it does have it’s quirks and sometimes it’s better to go with an actual GPS unit.

Because of this we have studied user reviews of the various GPS devices on and selected what they feel are the top three highest-rated.

a. The Garmin Zumo 665 was the highest-rated motorcycle GPS unit and includes several features that most other units do not come with like a built-in XM radio, speed limit warnings, and real-time traffic and weather warnings.

b. The second place is awarded to TomTom Rider 2 which as some similarities to the Zumo 665 such as an anti-glare screen, a waterproof case, and Bluetooth.

c. In third place, we have the Garmin Zumo 660, which also has Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in MP3 player, a waterproof design, and 3-D navigation.

3. Motorcycle Handlebar Speaker Systems


If you like to rumble while you ride you have lots of options when it comes to selecting the motorcycle handlebar speaker system just right for you but there are several important considerations that you need to keep in mind.

We have done some research on what we consider the three best systems on the market today based on the following criteria; 1. waterproof  2. wireless connectivity and 3. quality

a. The Cycle Sounds Premium Audio system with 3 speakers is the unit we like the best. The unit has a dethatched 200-watt amplifier, which includes an MP3 mount, and the speakers have a Kevlar voice coil with the best dynamic range.

b. The Kuryakyn Sound of Chrome Audio Kits 3” speakers come in either chrome or black and include a 50-watt amplifier and built-in volume control and power switch.

c. Show Chrome’s Motorcycle sound systems are the most affordable as their speakers are plastic rather than metal and are available in either chrome or black. Despite being made of plastic the sound quality rivals the more expensive units and they do look great mounted on your bike.

4. Communications Systems


Equipping your helmet so you can interface with your cell phone or communicate with a passenger or other members of your group is easy with today’s Bluetooth headsets.

The leader in this industry is Scala Rider. Their G9X system has a range of up to one mile and enables you to communicate with up to 8 riders in your group.

5. Video Camera


You have tons of choices when it comes to selecting the best-miniaturized video camera for your motorcycle however we feel that the GoPro system is hard to beat because of all the mounting options that are available for their camera.

6. Radar Detector

radar detector for motorcycles

You may want to consider outfitting your motorcycle with a radar detector to avoid the buzz-kill of a ticket. has one of the most extensive articles available online on how to select and accessorize your radar detector for your motorcycle.

7. Motorcycle Mounting Systems

motorcycle mounts

Now that you have all these accessories the next question becomes is how to install them on your bike and here is where comes in.

Unlike most of those cheap plastic-mounting systems that will come apart on you while you ride, their motorcycle mounts are crafted from aircraft grade billet aluminum.

They have mounting systems for virtually every motorcycle and device ever made including cell phone mounts, GPS mounts, camera mounts, and radar detector mounts.

Hopefully, you’ve found our research helpful and you’re able to select the motorcycle accessory(ies) that fits your needs. Enjoy the open road!

About the Author: Radar Roy is a retired Arizona law enforcement officer. He is an avid motorcycle rider and advocates who owns and operates e-commerce motorcycle accessory websites.

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