Top 5 tips for motorcycle safety

by Rachel Fagerburg

Spring is here! With the warmer weather comes more and more riders revving up their motorcycles to take them out for a spin on the roads. With the season in full gear, there is no better time to share motorcycle safety tips. Whether you’re a novice or you’ve been riding for decades, it’s always helpful to be reminded of the importance of proactive motorcycle safety and how to ensure it on every ride. Law Tigers Motorcycle Lawyers are all about safety!

riding helmet protection

Wearing protective gear is a must

Whether or not you live in a state where it is illegal to ride without a helmet, you should always wear one. Strapping up can protect you from brain injury or even death in an accident, but it could also reduce your chance of getting hit with negligence in an injury lawsuit because wearing a helmet is associated with safe, responsible riding. Heavily worn helmets could have damaged lining or loose straps that prevent proper head protection, so we recommend that you buy a new helmet at least every five years. Here are a list and review of the best motorcycle helmets of 2017.

leather gloves protection

Protect Your Hands

A good pair of gloves provides grip on the handlebar and protects your hands from injury and impact in the event of a fall. Riding gloves should be manufactured with high-quality material that will stand up against abrasion or weather. They should also have a snug fit that’s not too tight and restrictive. Click here for extensive information to help you find the best pair of gloves for you.

riding motorcycle shoes boots

Protect Your Feet

Your riding shoes should be sturdy enough to hold up to wear and tear, snug enough to stay on your feet at all times, and covering your ankles and surrounding skin for proper protection. Do some research to find riding shoes that will work for you best; as long as they meet the above criteria, they’ll be a worthy addition to your protective gear for a safe ride. Check Gear Patrol’s list of best riding shoes if you’re looking for a new pair.

Wear Ride-Appropriate Clothes

When you’re cruising at 80 MPH for several hours, you don’t want clothes so loose that they obnoxiously flap in the wind, nor do you want them so tight that they restrict movement. And while comfort is important, so is protection. Be sure to guard your skin against nasty burns and scrapes by wearing full-length pants and a long-sleeve shirt or badass jacket. Click here for all you need to know about finding a killer leather jacket.

don't drink and ride

Don’t Drink and Ride

Just don’t. While there are inherent risks that come with riding, you can eliminate many of them by simply choosing not to drink before you get on your motorcycle. Be sober. Be focused. Be aware. Be safe.

We hope that these tips have informed you how to protect yourself on your motorcycle and encouraged you to put it into practice. Ride safe, and remember we’re with you on the road. We’re the motorcycle lawyers who ride too!