The 8 Best Motorcycle Rides in Arkansas

Finding the best motorcycle ride in Arkansas is not an easy task. With so many beautiful sights to see along the open road, you’ll have plenty more options than you can fit in an entire day. And while you might love getting lost in the saddle, you also might want to make sure your next ride fits your schedule. That’s why we’ve decided to bring you the top 8 great motorcycle roads in Arkansas.

Start getting your bike and gear ready for an adventure in the Land of Opportunity; we promise the landscapes and challenges of these roads are well-worth the ride.

Top 8 Motorcycle Rides in Arkansas

There’s nothing a rider enjoys more than the freedom of the open road,  and especially those local secrets you’ll likely overlook. With such vast mountain ranges and lush natural scenery, it’s no surprise that Arkansas is one of the top locations for motorcycle enthusiasts to travel. These 8 great rides in Arkansas aren’t listed in any particular order, but they’re sure to bring thrills for riders of any skill level:

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1)      The Pig Trail (Highway 23)

This adrenaline-pumper is annually recognized as a must-ride, including being named one of the 10 best motorcycle routes in America by the Discovery Channel. The Pig Trail lives up to its name as a quick and twisted 20 miles of well-maintained road. It winds down into Razorback country towards Fayetteville, and you can see historical landmarks from both Union and Confederate troops as you cruise through the scenic countryside. Make it a weekend morning cruise or incorporate it into a few rides, but be ready for some serious outback riding.

2)      Push Mountain Road: 

Winding through the Ozarks, this majestic ride is known for its technically challenging twistys and elevation. While well-paved, the road offers few amenities – it is just you, your crew, and nature for the stretch. Make sure to pack appropriately, hydrate, and be ready for an all-American motorcycle ride.

3)      Eureka Springs: 

Eureka Springs acts as a hub for many scenic routes (including a couple on this list). The Goldwing/HWY 21 ride is a cross-state challenge for weekend warriors, and you can begin the Pig Trail from Eureka Springs. We recommend Eureka Springs as a great spot for day tripping as a group or flying solo. 

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4)      Ouachita National Forest: 

Ouachita National Forest is well-known for its beauty and charm, and the ability to ride right through it adds additional splendor to this Arkansas treasure. The Mena Loop is one of the most popular rides in the area with a selection of natural springs and historical landmarks to see along the way. We recommend bringing a daypack for any hiking you might do to explore what Ouachita has to offer – and believe us, it will be hard not to!

5)      Crowley’s Ridge/Mississippi River Ride

If you’re travelling west through Arkansas, Crowley’s Ridge sits a few hundred feet above the famous Mississippi River, and the ride to it showcases more of Arkansas’s magnificent landscapes. Ride the Great River Road north towards Arkansas 165, and then head towards the Mississippi River State Park for the full 180-mile experience.

6)      Talimena Scenic Byway: 

Talimena Drive (as it’s referred to by the locals) runs west-to-east by Mena, and while it is a smaller ride, it is well worth finding. Running past the Old Military road, there are great scenic pull-offs and accommodations for those longer trips passing through, or to slow down and enjoy if you’ve made Talimena Drive your primary ride of the day. This road has over 60 miles of steep elevation and technically challenging turns, so make sure to ride slowly if you are not accustomed to more challenging rides. That being said, it is still an accessible ride for almost any skill level of rider as long as you stay safe and alert.


7)      Huntsville to Eureka Springs: 

Though not as famous as some of the other Arkansas motorcycle rides, the trek from Huntsville to Eureka Springs is perfect for enthusiasts who love to feel the wind in their face and smell some fresh country air. A 25-mile set of sweeping turns that begins in Huntsville and follows Route 23 through Eureka Springs, this ride can be done on any style of bike by any rider. Make a day of it by connecting this entry ride to a few of the Eureka Springs side-roads mentioned earlier.

8)      Ozark National Forest: 

The Scenic Byways of the Ozark National Forest are another testament to how prolific Arkansas can be for motorcycle adventures. The Ozark Mountains serve as the backdrop for one of the largest motorcycle rallies in the nation (Bikes, Blues, and BBQ) for good reason. You could spend an entire month carving out your own paths on the side roads, and there’s plenty of great food and drinks to be had at the accompanying restaurants and motorcycle-friendly bars along the way.

We always love hearing about more rides from our local enthusiasts and well-traveled riders, so be sure to reach out and tell us what other rides we should add to this list. 

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