Step by Step How to Winterize your Motorcycle

You’ve taken that morning ride where you saw your breath for the first time since March and you forgot to wear warm enough clothes, which left you feeling like the rider below.

frozen motorcycle rider
Winterize your bike before it winterizes you.

This has got you thinking that your riding days are numbered for the season.

How to winterize your motorcycle

Time to think about putting your baby into hibernation for the winter. Follow these step by step instructions in the order below and your precious two-wheeled beauty will be ready when you come to Spring.

First of all, if you are able to, it is ideal to winterize your bike like one of the two examples below.

Year-round riding
motorcycle snowmobile
Fun in the snow

However, for the 99% of the rest of us who are not as fortunate or daring as those riders, the next best hibernation options are illustrated with the two examples below.

Innovative wall decor
motorcycle in house
Ideal winter storage

But, be careful with the last option because your living room could end up like this mid-January…


Lack of female supervision is apparent in both of these options. If you are in need of a more relationship-conducive solution, then let’s get started with winterizing your ride for 4-6 months of hibernation outdoors.

1. Take the final ride. No destination required, just get out and work some oil through the gears so everything gets nice and warm and lubricated.

Final ride of the season

2. On the way to the place of storage, top off the fuel tank and add a fuel stabilizer and engine treatment. This will minimize condensation buildup in the tank and keep the fuel and engine fresh for that first spring ride. Usually available at any gas station. For those of you who’s bikes will sit for 6 months or more, spraying a bit of engine oil in the spark plug holes will coat the cylinder walls and protect from rust.

Fuel stabilizer and engine treatment

3. Find some lovely ladies to give your ride a good wash and buffing. Your bike will likely gather dust during its long slumber (even with a cover) and you’ll need to wash it come spring. However, you don’t want those bug guts, dirt and grease sitting on and deteriorating your paint, plastic and chrome.

girls washing bike
Bike wash girls

4. Get yourself a trickle charger battery tender and hook it up to monitor and keep your battery’s charge without overcharging it. Motorcycle batteries are notoriously dead upon spring arrival.

Battery charging on motorcycle
Keep battery fresh

5. If you have a center stand, put it down to keep the rear tire off the ground and safe from developing a flat spot and condensation inside the tire. If you don’t have a center stand, round up a motorcycle stand by either purchasing one or using a simple block of wood.

Strong Arm motorcycle stand

6. Cover your bike. This includes plugging the exhaust pipe. You want to discourage animals and insects from nesting on/in your sleeping beauty. Use a good motorcycle cover designed for your bike to ensure the best protection. Stuff a plastic bag in the tailpipe and tie it to the cover. This way, in your hurried excitement to see the bike running again, the bag comes off with the cover and prevents any unnecessary repairs from running the bike with a plastic bag in the tailpipe.

Plastic bag exhaust plug

Once covered, she’s all set for her beauty sleep. Give one last stroke to let her know she’ll be missed and pray for an early spring.

Winterized motorcycle

Safe and happy riding!

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