Riki’s Ride 2017 Already Helping Family in Need

Law Tigers Riki's Ride

We wanted to share a heart-warming email that our friend Riki Rachtman received from the Executive Director of Claire’s Place Foundation, Melissa Nordquist. Although his ride begins on June 1, the thousands of dollars he raised has already gone to excellent use.
Here’s the email:

Hey Riki –

How’s it going?  I hope all is well.  I wanted to reach out and tell you about a family that you helped with all your fundraising efforts!

Joshua is 11 years old and was just diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at 10 years of age.  His whole life has been illness after illness with very few answers.  The family was excited to know what was causing all of his complications but were devastated to hear the prognosis for children with cystic fibrosis.

Joshua was hospitalized many times in the past year and his family worked very hard to stay by his side, maintain their household and take care of his sister all on one income. 

They reached out to us for assistance and we were stoked to be able to offer it to them because of all the funds you and your supporters have helped us raise with Riki’s Ride 2017.  I am telling you, the money comes in and goes right back out to actual families in need. 

I hope you know how grateful we are and how grateful Joshua’s family is.  They wrote this to me:

“Claire’s Place has helped our family climb out of debt that had accumulated from loss of pay due to long hospitalizations for my son Joshua. We could not lose our house on top of everything!  We cannot thank you enough for the help.”

We’re glad to be friends and motorcycle buddies with Riki Rachtman. He’s making a difference in the lives of many and is an angel in the motorcycle world. Motorcycles are powerful tools for change. Ride safe and keep on making a difference.