Our Top 6 Motorcycle Trips in Kansas

Hopping on a motorcycle and enjoying the freedom of the open road in Kansas is a truly unique experience. With diverse scenery, expansive views, and motorcycle rides that are designed for tourists and locals of all skill levels, there’s something for every type of biker in the Sunflower State.

If you are looking to get in the saddle and enjoy the best motorcycle roads that Kansas has to offer, then the guide for you. We’ve compiled our six favorite motorcycle rides in the state and hope that you have time to hit all of them on your way through. 

The 6 Best Motorcycle Rides in Kansas

Kansas has a ton of ideal roads for motorcycle riding, and we don’t want you and your crew to miss them!  Here are  six of our favorite motorcycle rides in Kansas, in no particular order.

1.   K-7 to Rulo

K-7 to Rulo can serve as an introductory ride to the state of Kansas, especially for beginning riders, but it also offers some great technical challenges for more experienced folk. Whether you’re taking it easy through this 87-mile stretch alongside the Missouri River or trying to jet through the curvy hills and valleys, the farm country is a perfect complement to the weather and for some smooth riding on well-kept roads. While you’re there, hop off your bike in Rulo and get some grub – there’s a Casino, rest stop, and Wild Bill’s Bar and Grill waiting to refresh you during your trip.

2.   Lake Perry Loop: 

If you’re longing for  a great ride in northern Kansas, Lake Perry Loop is perfect for you. Head up through Ferguson road over to the lake, or take a detour to Lawrence or Valley Falls. The views on this ride are exquisite, and the road itself provides enough technical challenges for experienced riders. Some of the stretches are not in the best condition, so make sure to take the turns at a pace you are comfortable with.

3.   “Pick Your Kansas” (HWY K4):

One of the quintessential Kansas motorcycle experiences, “Pick Your Kansas” showcases the rural landscape of the state in a multitude of ways.This route lets you choose one of two directions (to or from Lindsborg), but goes through diverse scenery changes, elevation drops, turns, and well-paved highway. This is easily one of the most fun motorcycle rides in Kansas you don’t want to miss.

4.   Flint Hills Scenic Byway (HWY K177): 

This more than 100-mile stretch of historic rural byway is perfect for riders who want to take in the scenic prairie views Kansas is famous for. In fact, the flat and accessible road will pass right on by the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve before heading into the Kansas Flint Hills. When the weather is good (and it typically is), this is one of the most peaceful motorcycle rides in the Midwest altogether.   

5.   SE Kansas Corner Loop: 

This two-day, 500-mile ride is one of the most intensive motorcycle rides in Kansas. Starting up near Kansas City and ending near Lawrence, this is a great solo ride and an even better group trip, as there are sites to be seen, delicious food stops along the way to be enjoyed, and such natural beauty unlike anywhere else to behold in the Midwestern plains. As you head south, you’ll find your fair share of  sweeping turns and rolling hills, and there are plenty of flat-out runs to be had. This is certainly a Kansas motorcycle road you want to cross off your bucket list.

6.   Leavenworth to Wyandotte Park: 

A short and thrilling ride, Leavenworth to Wyandotte Park motorcycle road is the right road for those looking for some adventure. It is a bit more technically challenging than the larger open roads typical of Kansas,including sharp turns, rolling hills, and plenty of elevation changes. Take this road at your own pace, but certainly catch it if you’re up for the challenge.

We hope you get to experience at least one of these great Kansas rides, if not all of them! Let us know which one you like best and any other hidden gems that we should highlight in our next blog. Cheers to the open road!

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