Best Motorcycle Rides in the USA to Try Out in 2021

Getting onto a motorcycle and hitting the open road embodies the spirit of American culture. Our country is built on adventure, exploration, and working in unison with nature to provide a lifestyle that is tough but fulfilling at the end of the day. Luckily, our pioneering ancestors paved the way for us to have it a little bit easier each year, so now we can do awesome things like exploring the best motorcycle rides in the USA while still respecting the ride. In order to help you do this best, we’ve compiled what we think are 10 of the best motorcycle rides in the USA. Keep in mind, there are far too many epic rides to get this to be exact or in order, so this is just our way of saying check out these absolute winners when looking for an adventure.

Our Top Motorcycle Route Picks for 2021

  1. The Dragon (North Carolina and Alabama): Stretching from Tennessee into North Carolina, there are multiple segments aptly named the Tail and Head of this immaculate ride. It is consistently named as one of the most accessible yet technically challenging rides that can still be dialed up or down depending on your riding experience. Similarly, it showcases significant natural beauty through sprawling miles of elevation surrounding by forests, mountains, and waterways along route 129.
Tail of the Dragon
  1. Tortilla Flats (Arizona): The enthusiasm for great motorcycle roads in Arizona is significant, and it’s hard to pick out our favorite. We chose Tortilla Flat because it had been previously less-accessible due to poor road quality until about 2017, but the state has since paved and redone its features. It is back to being a riders’ favorite, as this advanced ride spans over 50 miles and will take you from the Apache trail through the Superstition Mountains. The backdrop of Arizona’s sprawling desert features is already worth it, and then you remember you have to dial in and keep your wits about you on this challenging ride.
Tortilla Flats AZ
  1. Highway 1 through Big Sur (Northern California): The excursions from this road are almost worth their own week to explore the campsites, waterfalls, oceans, and hidden gems that line the coast. As you approach the ride itself, it is breathtaking as you seemingly change landscapes with each sweeping turn. The 1 (also known as the Pacific Coast Highway) spans over 500 miles, but we recommend starting near Monterey and heading through the Redwoods. This is can’t-miss on the list of 2021 motorcycle rides, and one you could revisit year after year.
Big Sur CA
  1. Skyline Drive (Virginia): Talk about American Spirit – this ride packs it in over 135 miles of historic roadway. Cresting the Blue Ridge Mountains, our favorite route begins just outside of Washington DC in Front Royal and heads over towards the Blue Ridge Parkway. Riders have the pleasure of passing through the famous Shenandoah National Park, and the scenery and wildlife juxtaposed with the historic manmade sites will give you a greater appreciation of the 10th state in the Union.
Skyline Drive VA
  1. Twisted Sisters (Texas): Texas does it bigger, and that certainly applies to their abundance of epic motorcycle rides. Choosing Twisted Sisters just means you’ll have to try it out to see how hilly and enthralling the terrain can be down south. A 220 mile winding jaunt that connects Ranch Road, the 335, 336, and 337, you’ll get to see looming landscapes offset by great rest stops in small towns. The hospitality is second to none at places like the Frio Canyon Motorcycle stop, and there’s even a historic Lone Star Motorcycle Museum in Vanderpool to top it off.  
Twisted Sisters TX
  1. Natchez Trace Parkway (Mississippi and Tennessee): The multi-state Natchez Trace Parkway is easily one of the best motorcycle destinations in America. Running over 440 miles from Natchez (MI) to Nashville (TN), you are surrounded by verdant scenery at nearly every turn. Its namesake trail is home to multiple historical stops, and the riding paths are kept so that you can take them at your own pace. This is a great group ride, and an especially strong one for sightseeing and cruising.
Natchez Trace Parkway
  1. Lake Shore Drive (Michigan): Also known as the Allegan Dam Loop, this ride will let you see man-made wonders alongside majestic natural waterscapes. It also is a very compact ride; spanning just under 55 miles, the duration will let you take your time to stop along multiple kinds of adventures. This ride is certainly more for site-seeing, eating and drinking than intense technical riding, but let’s be clear – you can get your twisties in on these roads.
Lake Shore Drive MI
  1. Mexican Hat to Bryce Canyon (Utah): Bryce is one of the jewels of the Southwest, and it gets even more rewarding when you make it out there on a motorcycle. There’s something magical about catching a sunset as you crest a sweeping hill overlooking crags and canyons. In the same way, getting a morning ride in while the air is still crisp and the heat hasn’t set in is a perfect way to experience the ride as well. This east-to-west trip will take you alongside the scenery of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument among other sites, so either do your homework or embrace some surprise awesomeness around every turn.
Bryce Canyon UT
  1. Mount Evans Scenic Byway (Colorado): The Rocky Mountains provide a sense of adventure just looking on them. Cruising alongside them definitely makes for one of the best motorcycle riding experiences in the United States. The trip into the clouds off Highway 103 can make you feel tiny and gigantic all at the same time as you conquer natural landscapes through significant elevation. This ride can be a little technically challenging (and dehydrating), so bring your water and your senses about you and take it slow if need be. We recommend that anyway so you can look out across the mountains and reflect on what a great ride you’re on.
Mount Evans Scenic Byway
  1. Beartooth Highway (Montana): Montana is thought of as a state that shows off its beauty among all else, and Beartooth All-American Road is no exception. You can draw the pioneering spirit of Yellowstone National Park as it skirts the ride and provides inspiration for the rolling 70+ mile stretch. We recommend stopping everywhere you can to check out waterfalls, shops, and diners – after all, you probably didn’t choose Montana to be in a hurry.     
Beartooth Highway

These are 10 of the most scenic motorcycle rides in America, and they’re a great start to an adventure riding bucket list. You don’t have to them in order, and we always encourage our riders to start a list of their own, but believe us: this is a top 10 worth getting to as soon as you can. 

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