Our Top 6 Motorcycle Rides in Missouri

Missouri is nicknamed ‘The Show-Me State’ because its citizens take a no-nonsense approach to life in the south. We can appreciate this attitude when it comes to the best motorcycle rides in Missouri, because they are straightforward in their awe, appeal, and value to enthusiastic riders. We’ll do you a favor and show you our list of six immaculate roads to romp on in Missouri in the near future.

If you love pristine scenery, American history, and technical riding for any level of experience, you’ve come to the right place…Well, Missouri is really the right place, but let’s highlight these rides for you first.

The Six Motorcycle Rides You Shouldn’t Miss in MO

While it was difficult to narrow down our favorite rides in the state of Missouri, we know that you will want to find more on your own after trying these out. In no particular order, here are the best of the best:

  1. Route 66 St. Louis to Grey Pass Summit

A great road that allows riders to dial the intensity to their skill level, Route 66 is known for its classic Midwestern scenery and historic landmarks. Running parallel to I-270 and crossing by the Miramac River, there is plenty of Missouri culture to take in as you pass bluffs that have seen their fair share of stories. If you want to make a true adventure of it, you can even stop at Six Flags amusement park as part of your day!  

grey pass summit
  1. The Lazy 8

Straightforward but not necessarily simple, this 50+ mile stretch of highway 8 in Missouri is a great stretch for a day ride between Park Hills, through the Mark Twain National Forest, and into mining country. You can stop at the St. James Winery to pick up some bottles for after your ride, and there are plenty of great pull-offs and rest stops for you to make this a full day of southern Riding. The highway itself is well-maintained, and on lighter traffic days the elevation and gradual turns allow for some smooth riding with reasonable technical challenges on some of the turn-offs. Overall, we highly recommend this for riders of any experience level.

the lazy 8 missouri
  1. Highway 94 Through Weldon Spring

A sweeping ride that begins in the Weldon Spring area and takes you through some serious back-road riding, this is an outdoors lovers’ ride for sure. There are hiking and biking pull-offs along the Katy trail, abandoned riverbeds, and even lakes and ponds for fishing. This cruise will take you a little over 70 miles if you explore its entirety, and has some of the lush scenery that the backcountry of Missouri is known for. Pack a snack or lunch because there aren’t too many establishments to stop at, but it’s well worth your time to make a day of it.

weldon spring missouri
  1. 185 – Wing of the Dragon: 

Missouri’s portion of the Dragon family of rides lives up to its brethren in intensity, technical acumen, and motorcycle notoriety. This is a high-speed ride, and riders should pace themselves according to their comfort level. There are significant sharp turns, steep rises and stark drops in elevation, but if you are able to keep yourself locked in, you can enjoy a sparsely populated thrill-seeker’s dream road.

wing of the dragon missouri
  1. Tail of the Newt

We continue our reptilian ride theme with the Tail of the Newt past Farley out on highway 45. While not the daunting and daring drive that the Wing of the Dragon is, it can still provide riders curves and dips to make this an adequately challenging ride should you want it. More importantly, it features some of the best twists through farm country, and the smell of tobacco, corn, and soybeans combined with the crisp open air makes this a distinct riding experience. If you start on the Farley side of the ride, make sure to stop at the end in Parkville for some barbecue and refreshments; it’s well worth the wait.

tail of the newt missouri
  1. Chamois to Mount Sterling

This sprint alongside the Missouri River is peak rural riding in a state full of it. Running from Chamois down towards Lion, you will end up finding a fork in the road that can either take you to Lion or to its namesake in Mount Sterling. Most importantly, this 20-mile ride is not one to be trifled with, especially if the weather has affected the road a bit. While this might sound a little bit treacherous, it also provides for some serious sledding in the right conditions. As always, moderate your own risk, but experienced riders have been known to enjoy these farmland turns.

Mount Sterling motorcycle ride

The great state of Missouri is home to many passionate people and dedicated riders. These six are emblematic of the motorcycle roads you can find in MO to see the scenery, culture, and enjoy the country air. Let us know if you make your way down one of these roads or if you have a favorite we should ride next.

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