9 Motorcycle Rides in Alabama We Love

Known as one of the best motorcycle destinations in America, Alabama has rolling hills, state parks, and the Gulf Coast to highlight its roads. Visitors and locals alike can see lush forests and civil war historical sites all in a day while taking in some of the modern cultures at various diners, museums, and rest stops.

We’ve sent our best motorcycle road detectives to determine the top nine motorcycle rides in AL that you need to experience. Hop on, throttle up your engine, and get ready to plan a trip!

Our Favorite Motorcycle Rides in AL

If you’re looking for twisty roads, sweeping turns, and awesome scenery to go with it, check out these nine stunners.

  1. Natchez Trace Parkway: We start our list with a relaxing ride made for cruising and appreciating the great state of Alabama. There is no commercial traffic allowed on the wide road, and the speed limit is 50 mph. It is well paved but lacks other commercial development, so the overlooks are all woodland hills, farmland, and rich foliage (especially during the fall). Additionally, it is laden with thousands of years of North American history including the site of the Battle of Franklin in 1864. All in all, a power-packed ride to begin our list!
Natchez Trace Parkway
  1. Cheaha Mountain: One of the best motorcycle trails in the state of Alabama, Cheaha Mountain is a short, adventure-packed ride. With quick elevation and sharp turns, technically proficient riders will love this road and its challenges. Less experienced riders will be able to enjoy the twisty roads at Cheaha State Park as well, though we recommend some caution if you are not familiar with the gravel roads. Camp out or take a day trip, but either way don’t miss out on Cheaha Mountain.
Cheaha Moutain
  1. State Highway 25: While many of the rides on this list are offshoots of the 25, there is something to be said for appreciating the splendor of the 257-mile state highway that spans Leeds to the Georgia state line. We recommend treating this trip as a sightseeing tour of the towns, villages, and motorist stops along the way to some of your other favorite rides. Alternatively you can do it all as a one shot speed stop while enjoying the 20 mile stretch between Vincent and Leeds, as it is off limits to commercial vehicles.
State Highway 25
  1. Alabama Dragon: The south is famous for its family of ‘Dragon’ rides, and the Alabama variant is one of the best motorcycle trails in the state. Spanning 11 miles of twisty roads, there are river canyon overlooks and giant rock formations off to the side. You actually have to mind a few larger rocks in the actual road itself, but some might call that a good old fashioned obstacle course. Either way, if you respect this road as a rider, it can give back some of the most rewarding experiences in the state during an action-packed afternoon. 
Alabama Dragon
  1. Talladega Scenic Drive: The name says is all; this is where you’re going to get your money’s worth for Alabama scenery. The 33-mile trail will take you by the Appalachian Mountains, quaint foothill towns, and lush scenery that characterizes this portion of the state. You can use the moderate difficulty cruise (the road is a bit uneven at some points, so watch out!) to enjoy over 100 different turns with ample room to be creative. We recommend a transition from Talladega into Cheaha State park for a little bit of sightseeing, a meal, or better yet – more adventure riding!
Talladega Scenic Drive
  1. Bankhead National Forest: A northern Alabama mainstay for motorcycle riders, the twisty roads of Alabama’s largest National Forest are a must if you’re nearby. The diverse scenery includes bluffs, canyons, natural springs, and lakes. There are recreation areas if you want to cool off, have a picnic, or get into some less-intensive open-air riding. Make sure to enjoy the gift store, camp shop, and historical sites that are abundant in this dense ride.
Bankhead National Forest
  1. Covered Bridge Trail: This quaint historic ride through Blount County has a lot to offer. It is scenic, but provides some technical riding elements for engaging your riding skills. It’s got man-made ingenuity in the three separate covered bridge trails that are juxtaposed with the beauty of the surrounding nature. Most of all, it’s a ride that you can take at your own pace and make a great day of.
The Dam Tour
  1. Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum: The culmination of a number of trails throughout the state, the Barber Museum is recognized by The Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest motorcycle collection. There are over 100 years of makes and models in spanning 200 manufacturers and 20 countries. Additionally, there are some great tracks to ride next to the museum, so you get a 2-for-1 no matter where you ride in from. We highly recommend making a full day trip or more to Birmingham for this legendary spot.
Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum
  1. Little River Canyon Parkway: Wrapping around the Little River Canyon National Preserve, this stretch of curvy road will take you down through a canyon and past the waterways of Fort Payne. While many of Alabama’s most famous motorcycle rides are overpasses, dams, and overlook canyons, the deep trek down makes for a fantastic juxtaposition if you have done some of the other rides in the Heart of Dixie. This makes for a great group ride to a picnic, or a solo ride to connect with the land and keep your mind clear.
Little River Canyon Parkway

For motorcycle enthusiasts in Alabama, all of these spectacular roads will lead you down a path of adventure and appreciation. We’re not telling you how to live your life, but we sure recommend trying to ride as many of them as possible should you be in the area.

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