Check Out These Motorcycle Rallies in Alabama

Alabama is a state with rich natural beauty, diverse cities and towns, and a thriving motorcycle scene. When you combine all of these elements, it makes for a great host state for motorcycle rallies. Tourists and locals alike make it down south for the group rides, the festival atmosphere, and the good eating among other things.

If you’re interested in attending motorcycle rallies in Alabama, look no further for a comprehensive list of the best. We’ve detailed where, when, and what to do for these camaraderie-filled weeks, so prepare to party.

The List of Best Motorcycle Rallies in AL

While some events had their dates moved or location changed due to a rearranged 2020 calendar, most of these mainstays are going to be keeping their regularly scheduled rockin’ good time for 2021. Make sure to check each website for ticket and lodging information just to be sure, though!

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Trail of Tears Motorcycle Ride: 

This 28-year tradition will continue strong as riders from around the nation congregate to commemorate the historical significance of American Indians to the region. While there are important educational lessons and overtones to take in, it is also a celebration of the human spirit and motorcycle culture in Alabama. 

Surrounding the main ride, Trail of Tears is also a three-day event that takes place in Waterloo. There are plenty of festivities to entertain riders and their families throughout the weekend, so be prepared for a down-south experience of camaraderie and fun! This year’s takes place from Sept. 17th-20th, and there are travel ceremonies, games, and plenty of great food and beverages. 

Stock Law Gap Rally: 

It’s always a good time at the Gap – this is the unofficial motto of the rally, and it rings true. This 21 and over rally is part motorcycle rally part festival, and a scene you won’t want to miss if you’re ready to decompress. Group rides, live entertainment, adult games, and generous drink pours highlight the weekend.

There is camping and RV parking, single-day passes or weekend deals, and best of all, there are two rallies a year! There is a Stock Law Gap Rally Spring, and one in the fall as well. Though the premise is the same for both, the different weather, bands, attractions, and crowds are guaranteed to make you wish there was also a summer and winter event. Make sure to book your tickets well in advance, because the Gap fills up quickly.

Bama Bike Fest: 

This three-times-a-year event is also an adult-only weekend party. Featuring races, live music, and debauchery that has kept the crowds coming back for years, you won’t want to miss Bama Bike Fest. 

The event is located in Forkland, and they make sure to rotate through vendors, music, and party games to keep it fresh. They have pro rallies as well as attendee races, and the theme is pretty simple: have as much fun as possible while keeping it relatively safe. This year’s events begin March 19th, Jun 25th, and October 29th, each one lasting a full weekend. Sign up today!    

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Iron Legacy Huntsville Dream Ride: 

This brand new event is a charitable day ride to support the Special Olympics participants of the state. Looking to create a tradition of community, great group riding, and a festive atmosphere, there will be live music and food trucks after the ride.

The motorcycle community is one that takes care of its own, and giving back to others is also a big value amongst riders. This event should do a great job to highlight that, and we hope you can make it down to Madison on April 10th to help create a legacy for the event.

We are always encouraging riding enthusiasts to explore the great state of Alabama and grow their riding network. One of the most rewarding experiences is sharing a lifestyle you love with others, and these rallies are great testaments to that.

Boogie Bottoms Rally By The River:

This is one of the most well-known and well-attended sets of events for motorcycle enthusiasts in Alabama. Typically hosted four times a year between April and October, there are runs in 2021 on June 3rd-6th, September 9th-12th, and October 7th-10th. 

Each rally has a bit of a different flair to it, but they all are a rockin’ good time. There are cabins and bunkhouses for rent alongside the river, and this 21+ festival will keep you occupied with group rides, live entertainment, bike games, and more!

Rally at the Rattler: 

Rally at the Rattler embodies the Alabama motorcycle community and the experience you should be looking for in a down south rally. Hosted at the famous Rattlesnake Saloon in Tuscumbia from September 17th-19th, be prepared for bike games, a wet T-shirt contest, as well as nighttime festivities and karaoke to cap each wild day of riding.

There are multiple great group rides across the surrounding areas, and you can camp close in order to get the full Rally at the Rattler experience. Lodging and single-day armbands are affordable – from $25 for each, and there are some great full-weekend rates to make sure you’re getting your party value in during this action-packed weekend.

L.L’s Memorial River Raft and Mini Bike Races: 

This 3-day family-friendly event is sure to have something for everyone looking to relax, soak in some sun, and see some races. Put on by Saints MC on July 4th in Brownsboro, this event is more of a lighthearted way for people who enjoy motors and wheels to collaborate by a river to cool down. 

That’s not to say you can’t find groups to go on rides with and adventure around the quaint river setting. Similarly, there is the requisite live music and delicious food vendors accompanying the hilarious Mini Bike Race and Raft Float competitions. We highly recommend bringing the whole gang to get in on this year’s event!

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