Law Tiger, Bob Moellman, Donates Signature Ponytail to Locks of Love

One of the most notable characteristics of the motorcycle riding community is our charitable nature. Riders frequently come together for the benefit of others, often giving special time and attention to children in need of assistance. Law Tigers’ Arizona Marketing Director, Bob Moellman, is a remarkable example of a rider with the innate inclination to help others. Bob is not only a long-time rider, but also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, and he is a tremendously valued part of the Law Tigers team. Bob has always been well known for his neatly kept, albeit very long hair, so when he shared with us that he was going to cut it, we were quite surprised. That is until he informed us for what purpose he made his decision.

You see, Bob Moellman, like many riders, is a very caring man. His love of children and animals are indicative of his warm, kind nature. Below, you will find, in his own words, and with images, documentation of Bob’s donation to Locks of Love for Children. His wife, Paula, who also had strikingly long hair, was so impressed with Bob’s decision, that she, too, donated 11” of her “locks,” two weeks later. This holiday season, perhaps we should all take a lesson out of the Moellmans’ playbook, and sacrifice something special to us, for the benefit of others.

Bob states; “I had 12″ of my hair cut off to donate to Locks of Love. The organization takes hair donations of 10″ or more, and makes hairpieces for kids, who suffer from various diseases and cancers that result in hair loss. The grey strands of hair, yeah I got plenty of ’em, are removed, and used for adult hairpieces. My hair is a renewable resource and grows relatively fast, so I left enough ponytail for me to manage, and then I’ll be able to donate another foot or more of hair in another two years. Hopefully, my donation will help a child, or adult, who is struggling with the dreadful challenges they are facing with their disease.”