Great Massachusetts Rides: The Quabbin Reservoir Loop

The Quabbin Reservoir road for motorcycle ride

The scenic Quabbin Reservoir Loop motorcycle ride offers a glimpse into history as well as a peaceful drive past pastures and wooded areas as you circle this notable manmade lake. Until four towns, a railroad line, and 34 cemeteries were relocated in the 1930s, this area was known as the Swift River Valley.

Your route can have a few variations, depending on how long you want to ride on any given day. The shortest ride around the reservoir provides a drive of about 60 miles, only taking about an hour and a half or less.

Variations on the loop often extend the eastern route as far as Worcester, offering more options for dining, entertainment, attractions, and a longer ride with more scenery. If you want to extend to a full day of things to do, consider adjusting the route to include a few more towns east of the reservoir.

The Route

For the tight loop around the reservoir, take Route 101 off of Route 2 to Route 32A near Petersham. Follow 32A to Ware, making a right on Route 9 (W. Main Street). Follow Route 9 to Belchertown, where you can switch to US-202 N. You can take the 202 back up to Route 2 or turn right onto MA-122 S (a scenic byway in itself) back toward Petersham and Route 101.

The route offers several places to stop for photos of the landscapes, grab a bite to eat, or step off your bike for a few minutes and stretch your legs.

The Sights

You’ll see forests, farms, and small towns on your ride. Pull off near the reservoir to find several walking and hiking trails and overlooks for photo opportunities.

Several farms around the reservoir offer tours, as well as a couple of vineyards and cider houses. The quaint townships and farmhouses make for great photo memories, and it’s always nice to pull over and stretch your legs once in a while.

The Attractions

You’ll find several fishing spots around the reservoir. Strap a cooler to your bike and cast out a few lines. Haul your catch home before dinner, and enjoy the rewards for your patience.

Many towns offer historical landmarks, including the Dana Town Common in Barre, the Keystone Bridge in New Salem, the Ware Center Meeting House in Ware, and several churches of different denominations in every town.

If you love the great outdoors, several spots around the reservoir include marked walking and hiking trails. Does your four-legged co-pilot ride with you? Your fur baby will love running on many of the trails near the reservoir.

Some riders only stop to eat before returning to the road. Where are the best restaurants on the Quabbin Reservoir Loop motorcycle ride?

The Eats

McCarthy’s Pub in Belchertown is an Irish pub offering corned beef, shepherd’s pie, Reubens, cold beer, and more. Don’t miss it when riding through.

The Country Store in Petersham is a favorite for soups, sandwiches, coffee, and local products like honey, craft beers, knickknacks, souvenirs, and more.

Check out Rose 32 Bread in Gilbertville for baked goods, sandwiches, desserts, and more. If you’re looking for ice cream, stop at Janine’s Frostee in Ware.

For breakfast in Ware, try out Crystal Springs Dairy Bar, serving classic diner favorites like pancakes and biscuit sandwiches. If you’re in Belchertown for breakfast, don’t miss the Roadhouse Café.

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