Experience The Alabama Dragon Motorcycle Ride

Riders on a motorcycle trip in Alabama

The motorcycle riding season is in full swing, and if you’re ready for some fun and adventure, the Alabama Dragon is a route that should be on the top of your list.

Alabama is ideal motorcycle riding country with lush scenery, rolling hills, and plenty of historical sites to feast your eyes on. One of the most popular routes for riding enthusiasts is the Alabama Dragon, which traces Route 25.

About the Alabama Dragon Motorcycle Ride

About 20 miles long following Highway 25, the Alabama Dragon is considered a challenging (yet exhilarating) ride. If you’re ready to put your technical skills to the test, the Alabama Dragon will not disappoint. With a number of hairpin turns, you might find yourself having to keep your eyes on the road more than usual.

If you want to ride the entire highway, the total length is just over 257 miles. But to take advantage of the most exciting part of this stretch of highway, keep to the 20-mile portion of the road between Vincent and Leeds.

Important Information about the Alabama Dragon

There aren’t many amenities on the Alabama Dragon, so make sure you’ve got plenty of fuel and whatever else you need before hitting the open road.

The pavement is in relatively good shape, so you won’t have to worry about an uneven road, potholes, and other road annoyances. Further, commercial vehicles are banned from this portion of Route 25, and that can be a relief.

If you’ve never ridden the Alabama Dragon, pay particular attention to the posted speed limit. There are several blind turns that can take you by surprise and adhering to speed laws is strongly recommended.

Watch Out for the Big Rock

There’s also the potential for large rocks in the roadway that you’ll have to navigate around. Many riders have pointed out that there is a very large rock in the middle of the road that has surprised them on more than one occasion. Consider this a real-world motorcycle version of an obstacle course.

The only downside of the Alabama Dragon (other than the scary rock) is that riders tend to wish it were longer!

The Best Time of Year to Tackle the Alabama Dragon

The portion of Route 25 dubbed the Alabama Dragon is open year-round, but arguably the best time to ride it is in the fall. During this time of year, the weather is mild, and there is plenty of fall foliage to delight the senses.

If you ride in winter, be prepared for chilly temperatures, and make sure you’ve got warm layers. Similarly, summer rides can also have extreme temperatures. Combined with the humidity, you’ll be happiest with pants and jackets that provide airflow. Experienced riders often pack rain gear to protect against summer storms.

And remember, helmets are required gear in Alabama. Whether you’re a rider or a passenger on the Alabama Dragon Motorcycle Ride, you must have headgear that is meant for motorcycles.

With Law Tigers, You Never Ride Alone

There’s almost nothing more exciting than exploring a new road on your favorite motorcycle. Whether you’re riding the Alabama Dragon for the first time or the hundredth, the best way to enjoy the open road is to do it safely.

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