Law Tigers Gold Attorney Sponsor For Wing Ding 2016

Founded in 1977, the Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) is the world’s biggest single-marquee motorcycle association in the world. In only 35 years, the GWRRA has amassed over 72,000 members in Canada, the U.S., and 53 foreign countries. Four thousand volunteer members manage the 800+ active Chapters which are comprised of people from all walks of life who are constantly striving to foster a safe and enjoyable riding environment, and positively overhaul any misconceptions the general public holds about the motorcycling community.


What the GWRRA Stands for

The group rides by the motto; Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge. Members of GWRRA enjoy the liberty of being part of a non-profit, secular organization with no political agenda. Member benefits include the camaraderie and friendship of other Gold Wing enthusiasts in a wholesome family setting. Campout and picnic runs, parades and charity events are just a few of the fun activities in which GWRRA Chapters participate.

Members also receive the benefits of continuing motorcycle education through safety workshops and webinars. Through these programs, Members get the opportunity to keep up with the latest on riding tips and news, bike maintenance, and exciting touring routes. Many GWRRA Members have completed CPR training, equipping them to handle most any kind of situation the open road might present.


Of all the activities GWRRA Members can take part in, the most highly anticipated is the annual Wing Ding. This four-day event held every summer, unites Members and Non-Members alike, for the world’s largest ultimate and luxury touring motorcycle extravaganza. One particularly unique feature that sets Wing Ding apart from other rallies and trade shows, is that the event changes locations every year.

This year’s event will be held on August 31- September 3. The 38th annual festivities will take place on the MetraPark grounds in Billings, Montana’s Trailhead.


From the opening ceremonies until the final prize tickets have been drawn at the closing ceremonies, Wing Ding 38 will be packed with hot bikes, delicious food, and plenty of fun for everyone.

Plan on all of the traditional Wing Ding festivities, including the Parade of Lights, showcasing unforgettable custom rides, and the Grand Parade which gives GWRRA Members the chance to ride together as one of the biggest motorcycle parades in the country.

Exhibitors at the Wing Ding Trade Show will be catering to Gold Wing and Touring motorcycle enthusiasts each day of the rally. From high profile gear to custom accessories, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for at the more than 200 vendor booths. Seminars, manufacturer demo rides, and full service parts installation will also be available. And don’t forget prizes!

For those who want to enjoy the scenery of “Big Sky Country”- a mere one hour journey in any direction gives riders the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking and unspoiled Montana points of interest, such as Big Horn Battlefield National Monument, Pompey’s Pillar, and the most picturesque entrance to Yellowstone National Park.


The Law Tigers, America’s Motorcycle Lawyers – Gold Sponsor Wing Ding 38

This year, the injured motorcyclist champions, Law Tigers, America’s Motorcycle Lawyers, are pleased to have partnered with GWRRA as the attorney sponsor for Wing Ding. GWRRA President Anita Alkire adds, “We are so happy to have Law Tigers as a Gold Sponsor at Wing Ding 38. I know from personal experience how worry free they can make the experience when there has been an accident.  The attorney was professional and caring.  Law Tigers values line up beautifully with GWRRA and that makes them a great partner.”

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