Arizona Bike Week 2020 is On!

2020 has been a year full of unpredictability, canceled plans, and social disaster — but Arizona Bike Week 2020 is here to put those bad vibes in the dust, so get ready to learn about the updated event and how the show will go on.

Everything you need to know about Arizona Bike Week 2020

As we’re learning this year, resilience and adaptability are key, so there will be a few different procedures than Bike Weeks prior, but the spirit of the event is still fully intact. In fact, this might be one of the most important celebrations the Arizona motorcycle scene has hosted due to the added appreciation for human connection.

Read more to learn how AZ Bike Week is making this party happen and how you can join.

What is Arizona Bike Week?

Arizona Bike Week is a rally that is being hosted in Scottsdale this year, as the city has graciously allowed them to have permits with safety restrictions. During Bike Week, a temporary village is made to accommodate the free-flowing event. There are plenty of opportunities to ride through the scenic desert, parties, live music, and a host of other events.

The festival atmosphere is one that very few other events can match even outside of COVID safety restrictions. In 2020, a party within a gated city next to the premiere motorcycle roads is a rider’s paradise. 

Things to Consider During AZ Bike Week 2020

Because this event can only take place with safety mandates, there are some key rules to keep in mind as you prepare to attend:

  • Tickets are limited to allow for social distancing, so don’t wait to get your passes.
  • Bring your mask. The city is requiring it if you’re not at a table. 
  • The concert arena has been redesigned to meet the current public gathering guidelines. There will be a series of small sections for groups of 9 or less, and equipped with a hightop table. If you’re interested in seats, those are available too, but try to get there early to snag those.
arizona bike week 2020

Though none of these rules would be in place by ABW during normal times, the goal is to help get live events back in motion, and the sacrifice is worth it.

When is AZ Bike Week 2020?

The event will run Wednesday, Oct 7th, 2020 until Sunday, October 11th, 2020. This date was moved from April, so if you see information stating that, note that October 7th is the current start date.

AZ Bike Week Concerts and Entertainment

Part of the festival atmosphere and allure of Bike Week is the top-shelf entertainment provided each year. The shows must go on in 2020, so you can see bands like Jackyl, Night Ranger, and a host of local talent.

arizona bike week 2020

Additionally, there are incredible vendors for gear and accessories, food and drinks, and all of the ancillary rides. This isn’t like most other organized rallies; the rides are much more free-form in the spirit of the event.

Bars, Taverns, and Grills to Check Out

Local restaurants and watering holes are famous for their hospitality to Bike Week attendees. Places like Moe’s Roadhouse and Dirty Dogg Saloon are great to catch up with friends, get a drink, and soak in the culture. Connolly’s Sports Grill and Boondocks are mainstays for riders, as you’re going to want to be well fed to have the energy for the rides and the parties.   

Much like the village rules, we ask that you respect and follow any safety protocols that the establishments are enforcing.

Lodging at Bike Week

Arizona Bike Week has a few options for attendees. There are RV lodges, tent campsites, and many hotel partners who provide accommodations for Bike Week guests. The city of Scottsdale and Bike Week Organizers once again ask that you maintain safety mandates, even while on bike runs or in private residences. 

Get a Motorcycle Makeover From Law Tigers

We mentioned that the events and vendors at Arizona Bike Week 2020 were spectacular, and that’s because we know from firsthand experience! We’ll be there all week to give attendees the opportunity to win a Motorcycle Makeover whenever they visit our tent.

arizona bike week 2020

This promotion is valued at $4,000, and the package is headlined by Paul Yaffe. The winner receives a video consultation with Paul along with the kits and adjustments, and the work will all be done at a Paul Yaffe Endorsed shop.

You can enter to win online at, but if you come see us at Arizona Bike Week, you’ll get a double entry for the contest!

What Are You Waiting For? Get Your Tickets Now.

With limited attendance and tickets selling fast, it’s time to secure your spot at an event that’s bringing the 2020 social scene back to life. Rides and Rallies have always been ways for people to feel a community connection, and we won’t let that be suppressed in the face of a pandemic.

Law Tigers have been proud members of that community both as riders and representatives of them. We want to make sure that you can feel safe while riding anywhere knowing we have your back. See you at Arizona Bike Week 2020!