10 of the Best Motorcycle Rides in Arizona

Arizona has one of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes in the United States. Unsurprisingly, this allows for it to have some of the country’s best motorcycle rides for all types of riding. 

Whether you’re a local, coming in for a motorcycle rally, or riding across the country, there is something for everyone in this natural paradise. Great weather, awesome food stops, and a prominent riding culture all contribute to the great motorcycle rides in Arizona.

Here are 10 of our favorites to get you hooked on adventuring in the Copper State.

Route 66

This historic ride is also known as the Mother Road, and stretches across eight different states. The Arizona portion still contains some of its original roadbed and features rest stops and diners that feature true Americana. As Flagstaff is the largest city that Route 66 passes through (with a population of only 65,000) the roads are not heavily trafficked, and allow for some easy riding while enjoying the distinct beauty of the Arizona terrain.

Route 66

Phoenix to Show Low

This 140 mile stretch of road is well known for its stunning colorful scenery and well maintained roads. It is a true representation of adventuring through nature – there are very few manmade stops along the way (so make sure you have food, water, and gas before heading out). There is some decent elevation and some great curves for experienced riders, though it should be noted that there is a stretch that requires some heavy-traffic freeway riding before you get back onto the open road.  

Phoenix to Show Low

Old Tucson

As its name would imply, Old Tucson is an integral part of Western Arizona history, and is actually featured in many classic movies such as ‘Tombstone’ or ‘Rio Bravo’. Embodying the picturesque desert that people travel to Arizona to see, it is a beautiful 120 mile stretch if you start in Phoenix via the I-10 East. This is an easy-riding road, and can be taken as a day trip or stretched out to do some site-seeing at ‘Hollywood of the Desert’. Whichever you choose, it is a rewarding stretch to experience.

Old Tucson


As Arizona grows in population and popularity, the motorcycle scene continues to develop at a rapid rate. Wickenburg gives you a taste of the new as you can start your journey in Phoenix and take the twisty 54 miles road to get there. Stretch your legs with the self-guided historical walking tour at the Wickenburg Chamber of commerce, and then get back out into the desert for another 42 miles of Arizona history as the road winds through Arizona’s mining relics. True history buffs will want to make it to the Sharlot Hall Museum in Prescott as a side adventure. There are many day trip options for this ride, and those who want a full cultural experience of Arizona while enjoying a unique motorcycle road can rely on Wickenburg.

Wickenburg Highway


For a scenic day-trip, Jerome checks all the boxes. It has breathtaking hills and curves, roads that are extremely motorcycle friendly, and the culture to match. Advertised as having 127 curves in 12 miles, the scenic route is accessible for all skills of riders. The city itself is just off of the Great Western Drive, and sits atop a mountain. It truly feels as though you have climbed to your own slice of Americana in the tiny town, and the locals love their motorcyclists!

Jerome City View

Sunset Point

A quick ride down the road from Jerome, Sunset Point overlook is a classic stop for those who want one of the best views in Arizona. Truly earning its name, a sunset here after a tricky but accessible ride through Highway 89 in Flagstaff is best accompanied by a cold beverage. The feeling of satisfaction you get from looking out over the great rock formations is unbeatable. 

Sunset Point View


Known for being a quaint retirement town by most, Sedona has a little bit of a different vibe among the riding community. Sedona motorcycle adventures are some of the most revered in Arizona, as the pristine scenery has unbelievable riding roads running through it. There are some awesome perks about the ride to and through Sedona as well- Harley riders can enjoy stopping at the Grand Canyon H-D dealership, which is one of the most famous in the country. 

Get on the road CTA

Tortilla Flats

One of the classic day trips that made Arizona famous for riding, this popular out-and-back ride is one of the highest regarded by tourists and locals alike. Weekends do get crowded as a result of its fame, but the stunning vistas offset by mountain profiles are well worth it. Riders of all skill levels will appreciate how quickly you can experience twisting roads, as the Superstition Mountain range provides all the natural challenge you might need. Even better, the roads have recently been re-paved for the ultimate riding experience.

Tortilla Flats Bridge

Cottonwood Canyon Run

A red-rock special, Cottonwood Canyon is just north of Wickenburg and the run itself is a pristine 120 mile stretch of Arizona’s finest scenery. This ride can be challenging if you take on the steep twisty terrain at speed, so be sure to watch out for that even if you’re experienced. Once you’ve found your groove, the surrounding pine forests and rock formations are sure to remind you of how rewarding the day trip through Cottonwood Canyon Run is.

Cottonwood Canyon Run Ride

Catalina Highway

The highway itself is a haven for riders as it passes through some outstanding culture and scenery as a standalone. What makes Catalina Highway Route even more special is its proximity to great secondary rides such as Mt Lemmon, Willow Canyon, or the Catalina Foothills. Make sure to hit a gas station before committing to a full adventure- there are not too many stops as you adventure into the foothills, but you’re not going to want to miss these jaunts.

Catalina Highway Street

We could have made it to our top 100 in the State, but by now you’re probably itching to hit the open road. Gear up, and see what the great state of Arizona has to offer for eager riders.

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