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3 freebies every rider needs

by Rachel Fagerburg

It doesn’t get any better than than having a motorcycle accident attorney who only handles motorcycle cases, and rides, too. Riding and only handling motorcycle cases gives Law Tigers the advantage in litigation and in the court room.  We understand the nuances of motorcycle law better than any other type of lawyer.

Our attorneys have your back and fight aggressively for the maximum settlement in every personal motorcycle injury case. While we hope you or a loved one never needs our legal services, we have a few safety freebies that you should have, just in case. 


Law Tigers Rider Benefit Card

Our Rider Benefit Card is your wallet-size emergency relief, should you be in a motorcycle accident and need to call the top motorcycle accident lawyers in town.
Click here to order your card today. It’s 1oo% free, even shipping is included!rider benefit card law tigers

  • FREE legal advice for all motorcycle-relate matters
  • FREE representation for motorcycle damage claims
  • FREE bail bond assistance for motorcycle traffic violations.
  • FREE access to our 24-hour accident hotline 1-888-529-8443
  • $10,000 bike theft recovery reward
  • $10,000 hit-and-run recovery reward


document holder law tigers


Law Tigers Vehicle Document Holder

Every rider needs this.

This slim, sturdy document holder with snug sleeves is a trusty home for your bike’s registration, insurance card and our Law Tigers Biker Benefit Card.  It fits great under your seat or in your bags for permanent storage.

Complete this form to receive a Law Tigers Vehicle Document Holder delivered to your door, 100% free. Yep, shipping is free too.



mobile app law tigers phone


Law Tigers Mobile App for Android & iPhone

We call this  preventative maintenance. Download our motorcycle safety app to your iPhone or Android mobile phone and you’ll have a terrific tool in your pocket, should you find yourself or others needing help with a  motorcycle accident.

  • Helpful accident preparation guide: Provides a comprehensive outline of what steps to take in the event of a motorcycle accident.
  • Accident reporting tool: Records all relevant accident data, including location, driver information, vehicle information, police and rescue details and tow truck contact details. Locates the precise location of the accident with its built-in GPS technology, which proves helpful for police, insurance and legal representation. 
  • Integrated photo and video capture: Stores photos and videos of the accident scene, documents, vehicles involved, etc. with built-in access to the smartphone’s photo gallery.
  • One-click access to call the Law Tigers: Calls Law Tigers immediately when a user clicks the “Call my Lawyer” button.
  • One-click access to local emergency services: Contacts local police, tow providers, taxis, hospitals, and motorcycle repair shops in the “Emergency Services” section of the app.
  • Custom “My Motorcycle” feature: Allows  users to store information about their motorcycles (date of purchase, dealer or seller name, photos, and miscellaneous details) via “My Motorcycle Info.”
  • Law Tigers General Information: Shares general information about the Law Tigers on the “About Our Firm” page, as well as links to the Law Tigers YouTube channel, Twitter, Facebook fan page, and the website.

 Download it today!

Get these freebies in your hands today. Pass it on.

Ride safe, brothers and sisters.

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