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The Law Tigers are relentless advocates of injured motorcyclists across the United States. We are a national network of local motorcycle accident attorneys who are committed to protecting fellow motorcycle riders. As motorcyclists, we understand bikes, bikers, and motorcycle injury law. Our select group of motorcycle attorneys has helped thousands of injured riders and the family members of those killed in motorcycle accidents obtain the compensation to which they are entitled.

Law Tigers motorcycle injury lawyers provide the victims of motorcycle accidents with individualized, unique and experienced representation.

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Professional Affiliations

The Law Tigers are proud members of the following motorcycle organizations:

The Law Tigers is a national association. Our member lawyers each have their own law firms. The Law Tigers is not a law firm or a lawyer referral service.

Our commitment to bikers also extends to community service. We provide free legal services to many motorcycle clubs and organizations and offer free motorcycle safety and legal seminars to various groups. Additionally, we actively sponsor and participate in local and national charity rides, fundraisers, and other motorcycle events.

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Our Services

Skilled, aggressive motorcycle accident lawsuit representation

As a result of our national Law Tiger lawyer network, finding an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in your area is easy. Across the country, our lawyers have helped thousands of motorcycle accident victims and their families recover from the devastating financial and emotional impacts of motorcycle injuries. If you have been injured as the result of another person's reckless or negligent actions, find a motorcycle accident lawyer near you and schedule a free case consultation.

The Law Tigers Rider Benefit Card

In addition to our skilled representation of those injured in motorcycle accidents, our Law Tigers Free Rider Benefit Card provides those who carry the wallet or key chain card with a number of special benefits, including: free legal advice for all motorcycle-related matters; access to our toll-free, 24-hour motorcycle accident hotline; $10,000 hit and run/bike theft reward; and more. Sign up for your free Rider Benefit Card today!

Emergency medical information registration

The association maintains a confidential database of personal emergency medical information in the event you become the victim of a motorcycle accident and require medical attention. By completing the online medical registration form, your information will be made available to emergency medical personnel who call the toll-free number on your Law Tigers Rider Benefit Card.

Reporting of motorcycle accidents

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, immediately report it to the Law Tigers. One of our member motorcycle accident attorneys will promptly be in touch with you. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a free consultation. They are also available for a free office, hospital or home consultation. Call us @ 1-800-529-8443 to report an accident.

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Law Tigers Rider Benefit Card


  • Toll Free 24-Hour Accident Hotline
  • Free Legal Advice for all Motorcycle Matters
  • $10,000 Hit-and-Run Reward
  • Free Representation for Motorcycle Damage Claims
  • $10,000 Bike Theft Recovery
  • No Recovery, No Fee